My Why

Picture this!

A vast continent filled with breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and a people whose brilliance shines like the African sun. That’s the Africa I know and love, and it’s the reason I’m on a mission to connect people, ideas, experiences, and resources for its transformation.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the untapped potential that lies within Africa’s beating heart. It’s like a hidden treasure, waiting to be discovered and unleashed. But alongside that beauty, I’ve also come face to face with the challenges that hold Africa back. The barriers, the inequalities, the struggles—it’s a tough battle. But I refuse to let it define Africa’s destiny.

So, I’ve decided to kickstart a podcast and blogging extravaganza! It’s a virtual space where minds can collide, knowledge can be shared, and ideas can ignite a wildfire of change. Through captivating conversations and mind-blowing podcasts, I’m bringing together the brightest minds, the boldest leaders, and the most visionary thinkers to create an unstoppable force of innovation and collaboration.


But hold on, my friends, it doesn’t stop there! I’m not just about talking the talk—I’m all about walking the walk. That’s why I’m committed to delivering top-notch blogs that dive deep into the core issues that shape Africa’s development. Think of them as guiding lights, shedding insights, offering solutions, and injecting inspiration into the hearts of those who dare to drive change in their own communities.


And brace yourselves, because when the time comes, I’ll be hitting the stage like a rockstar! Powerful speeches, electrifying training sessions—I’ll be spreading the gospel of Information Technology to anyone who’s ready to embrace it. As I embark on my own journey in the IT field, I’m armed with a burning desire to share my knowledge, empower others with the skills they need to conquer the digital realm, and bridge those pesky gaps that hinder progress.

Now, let’s talk focus. I’ve carefully selected the hottest topics to fuel Africa’s transformation. We’re talking Information Technology, Information Security, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Data Privacy, and Natural Resources. These are the building blocks of innovation, the fuel for economic growth, and the secret sauce for sustainable development.

Meet Your Hosts

Ngalim Bernard

But here’s the real deal, my friends—my “why” is all about seeing Africa rise like a phoenix from the ashes. I believe in the unlimited potential of this magnificent continent, and I won’t rest until every child has access to quality education, every entrepreneur has the tools to rock the business world, and every community thrives like never before.

I’m dreaming big, folks. I’m talking modern schools that are connected to the internet, where young minds can dive headfirst into the world of Information Technology from the very beginning. Imagine a generation of digital wizards, equipped with the skills they need to conquer the digital landscape, shape their own destinies, and create a future that’s as bright as a million African stars.


Ngalim Bernard

My “why” is driven by an unbreakable love for Africa, an unwavering belief in its people, and a relentless commitment to creating lasting change. It won’t be easy—oh no, my friends, it’ll require blood, sweat, and maybe even a few tears.

But I’m ready to walk this path hand in hand with all the passionate souls out there, because together, we’re an unstoppable force. Together, we’ll transform Africa and unlock its boundless, awe-inspiring potential. Are you ready to join me? Let’s do this!